TiPb Asks: Will Apple TV get iOS 5 and iCloud?

When Apple finally announced the iOS 5 preview for next Monday's WWDC 2011 keynote, they didn't include Apple TV in the list of iOS devices. Now Apple has never really talked about Apple TV's OS, not back when it was still OS X Tiger, not now that it's iOS. They might just think, like iPhone and iPad CPU specs, it's not something we consumers should worry about. Or it could just be that, because there's no Apple TV SDK, developers don't need any advanced information about iOS for Apple TV the way they do iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It's just not meant for us mere mortals.

What about iCloud? If that's going to be streaming or downloading all the music, and maybe even the media, we've bought from iTunes, wouldn't that make a huge impact on Apple TV? Sure, it could just end up being yet another item in the long list of Internet source, but it could also become a new and important part of the iTunes menu.

Do you think Apple TV will get iOS 5 and iCloud, and how would you like to see them implemented?