TiPb Asks: What are you expecting from the Let's Talk iPhone event?

The Let's Talk iPhone event is less than a week away and can I say it's been the weirdest, most bizarre build up to an Apple event ever? First we got no new iOS beta event in spring, then no new iPhone at WWDC in June, then Steve Jobs resigned as CEO, and through it all we've seen everything from a rumored iPhone 4GS with no redesign whatsoever to a rumored iPhone 5 with a bigger screen and metal back.

Likewise with iPod touch. Will white be the only refresh we get, or will iPod touch also get an Apple A5 processor for AirPlay Mirroring, Assistant, and even better gaming? (Remember when iPod touch used to be slightly more powerful than iPhone?)

There are even rumors that Apple might be getting ready to severely downsize the existing iPod lineup as well (hey, they downsized the annual September iPod event to nothing already, didn't they?)

So worst case we get a very incremental iPhone hardware and negligible iPod touch hardware update, with some admittedly very sweet new software features, and best case we get a super sweet new iPhone and powerhouse iPod touch, and maybe even a 1080p Apple TV thrown in for good measure.

If you watched iPhone Live last night -- and shame on you if you didn't! -- you know Rene's expecting the worst, an iPhone 4GS and no Steve Jobs cameo. For the record, it's been 15 long months and I bloody well expect Apple to wow me not only with new features like iOS 5's Assistant, but with some new hardware to boot. As for Seth... he got assassinated by Verizon before I could force him to pick a side so we shall see.

As for you TiPb Nation, what do you expect? What will Apple show us at Let's Talk iPhone?

Picture Source: Giga.de (iPhone mock up)