With iOS 5 Apple will be introducing iMessage, an SMS and MMS style service seamlessly integrated into the Messages app that uses your Apple ID and data plan instead of text plan... but only with other iOS 5 users. So lets say you and your special someone both have iPhones, or you have an iPod touch and your mom has an iPad, you can easily use iMessage to stay in contact. But, if you have an iPhone and your husband or wife has an Android or BlackBerry (and you stay with them!), iMessage will do you absolutely no good whatsoever.

So I have to ask, how much will you actually use iMessage? Do you and your family and friends have enough iOS devices that you'll use iMessages whenever you so wish? Or are you a lone island of iOS amid a sea of feature phone or non-iOS devices? Will you be able to cut down on your texting and save some money, or will you have to pay as much after iMessage as you did before?

And if Apple adds it to iChat on Mac and releases an app for it on Windows, would that change your answer at all? Would it get you to switch to iMessage from whatever Skype, Facebook, AIM, or other message system you're using now?

Bottom line, when Apple releases iOS 5 this October, how much will you be using iMessage?