The Verizon iPhone can't do simultaneous voice and data, something AT&T is quick to point out in their latest commercial. But how important is that to you? Many of us have Wi-Fi at home and at work or at school so it's not an issue but how about when you're out and about? If you're on a call how critical is it that you be able to surf the web, send email or get push notifications? (Or if the call is just deathly boring how much do you need the distraction of the web or online games?)

The original EDGE-only iPhone couldn't do simultaneous voice and data either -- calls would go to voicemail if you were using data. With the Verizon iPhone on CDMA EVDO Rev A you're alerted to a call and can choose to pause data and then can't use data again for the duration of the call. It's more elegant but is it any less frustrating for people who've gotten used to doing it on AT&T?

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