TiPb Asks: What do you want in iOS 5.1?

If you're anything like me, now that you've had iOS 5 to play around with for a while, you're probably already starting to wonder what Apple might have in store for us for iOS 5.1? I'm not talking about an iOS 5.0.1 bug fix update, mind you, but about a 5.1 minor feature enhancement. You know, the kind of iOS x.1 we used to get with the new iPod touch in September back when the iPhone came out in June with iOS x.0.

This year iOS 5 only came out in October so I don't expect iOS 5.1 until January (iPad 3 feels like an iOS 5.2 update.) We haven't even gotten a beta yet, so it won't be any time soon at least. But when it does come, what do you want to see in it?

  • iPhone OS 3.1](/2009/09/09/iphone-31-software-walkthrough/) got non-destructive video trimming, Genius for Apps, and a few other, minor tweaks.
  • iPhone OS 2.1 got Genius Playlists and a few other, minor tweaks.
  • iPhone OS 1.1 got the iTunes (then Wi-Fi) Music Store

So... Genius for iBooks it is? I hope that's not all. I hope we get the ability to delete individual pictures from Photo Stream and to disable the fast camera access bypass. Siri getting the ability to launch apps would be sweet as well, as would giving Siri the ability to read more than just SMS/iMessages. Speaking of which, being able to tell iMessage not to send if it's going to fall back on SMS would be nice when chatting with people in other countries. And I'd still like them to stop kicking us out of the App Store every time we make a purchase...

But we need to be realistic -- we won't get huge things like BiteSMS-style interactive notifications, a Theme Store, or anything else in a x.1 update, but we'll hopefully get just a few more rough edges shaved off.

What are the top things you want Apple to give you in iOS 5.1?