TiPb Asks: How do you take pictures with your iPhone?

It's often said iPhone is the best camera because it's the one you have with you, so that makes me curious -- TiPb nation, how exactly do you take pictures with your iPhone?

  • Do you use the built in Camera app or do you use something like Camera+ or Instagram that offer more or different features?

  • Do you spend a lot of time composing that perfect picture or do you snap away hoping to capture that special moment?

  • Do you prefer the look of a "normal" photo or do you like the cool filters that give it that something extra?

  • Do you crop or enhance your photos before sharing or using them, or do you just shoot and send?

  • Do you use apps that add cartoon bubbles or funny props?

And if you don't use the built in Camara app, will the iOS 5 Camera app, with its volume key shutter, crop tools, auto enhance, and other features make you consider switching back to it?

Let me know what apps, effects, additions, you use to take pictures with your iPhone!