iOS 5 reminders hero

With iOS 5 Apple is set to add new app to our iPhone, iPod touch and iPad home screens -- Reminders! But... it's 4 years later and some of us have had to figure out ways to remind ourselves about client meetings, kid pick-ups, and dates with significant others long before now.

We've used the built in Clock app and its alarms (on iPhone, where is it for iPad, Apple?!), we've used the Calendar App and its events, and we've used a bunch of App Store apps from the quick and easy Due to the full featured Todo to the dizzying OmniFocus to help make sure we don't miss those important people, places, and moments in our lives.

What do you use right now to set reminders on your iPhone or iPad, and will you be ditching it now that Apple's Reminders have finally joined the party?