TiPb Asks: What's the status of your iPhone 4S pre-order?

Were you one of the million people who pre-ordered an iPhone 4S last week? If so, who did you pre-order from, Apple or a carrier or a big box store, and what's the status of your order now? Is it preparing to ship yet? Has it shipped? Do you have an expected delivery date yet?

Let us know how you're experience has been as well -- was it a smooth ordering process, did it go as you expected or did you have any frustrating or nasty surprises along the way? Would you pre-order the same way again, or have you decided to do something differently next time? Different company, different capacity, different color?

Apple's getting a ton of phones onto a ton of trucks and come later this will will be knocking on a ton of doors, if one of those doors -- and iPhone 4S! -- is yours, give us an update on your status below or jump into our official iPhone 4S forums pre-order tracking thread let us know!