TiPb Asks: How do you keep track of tasks on your iPhone?

Since Apple is going to introduce a built in Reminders app with iOS 5 it's a good time to pause and take stock and ask you, the TiPb nation, how you're handling tasks and todos on your iPhone today? Do you just dump everything into the built in Notes app? Do you use a simple list making and reminder app like Rene's favorites, SimpleNote and Due? Are you an Evernote nerd like Seth and Chad? Or do you use a full on getting things done app like Appigo Todo or OmniFocus?

Do you sync your tasks between iPhone and desktop? iPhone and the cloud? iPhone and other iOS devices like iPad? If you have an iPad as well, do you use a different system or different apps on it than you do on iPhone?

Do you keep every little thing in your todo list, just the big things, or just things you're particularly bad about remembers (i.e. don't want to do?) Do you (or will you) use location-based reminders? Once you've set up your perfect task management system, do you find you actually use it?

And no matter what you do now, do you see yourself switching to Apple's built-in Reminders when it comes out this fall?

Let me know -- how do you keep track of tasks on your iPhone?