Entering this contest counts as an entry in TiPb's Birthday Bash grand-prize draw for an Unlocked ColorWare iPhone 3G!

Help! Rene was typing out an URGENT instant message using iPhone uber-IM client, BeeJiveIM ($15.99 - iTunes link):

Stay connected to all your instant messaging buddies anywhere you go! BeejiveIM keeps you in touch with your friends on AIM®/MobileMe®, MSN®/Windows Live®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, Facebook, MySpace, ICQ® and Jabber... all at the same time, all on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

But here's the thing -- Rene was too late. Something crazy happened, he lost his grip on his trusty iPhone 3G, and now he's scrambling to get it back. This is where the help comes in. Actually, the where is the help. This is our:

We've provided the image (a PNG file) but we need YOU to provide the background. (Specifically, take the image and add a background to it in Photoshop or the image editor of your choice!) Show us where Rene is -- where he lost his grip on his iPhone while desperately trying to finish his IM. The more creative, the better. The funnier, the better. The more spectacular, the better. You get the idea -- and if we choose your entry, you get one of five (5) free copies of BeeJiveIM.

So head on over to our TiPb Birthday Bash: BeeJiveIM Green Screen Challenge! thread and show us just what in the world (or other worlds?) is happening to poor Rene!

  • US iTunes Account required to redeem promo codes
  • Contest begins now and ends Wednesday, May 13, 12pm EDT
  • Inappropriate entries will be disqualified at the sole discretion of the moderators.

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