Birdhouse isn't your 9-to-5, six-pack guzzling iPhone Twitter app. Birdhouse ($3.99 - iTunes link) your fine wine sipping special occasion iPhone Twitter app. It doesn't try to do everything; indeed it does only one thing:

  • It crafts tweets.

And it does it very, very well. The connoisseurs over at -- love the name -- Sandwich Dynamics have given us five (5) copies to give to you. How can you get one? Wicked obvious:

See, it's TiPb's birthday. Yep, we're getting older and we're just the slightest bit bummed about that. What would make us feel oh, so much better about it is this?

  • A "happy birthday" tweet. Scratch that. A highly crafted happy birthday tweet.

Get on over to Twitter and give us your slickest, sweetest, most humorous, most ironic, most iconic, punniest, or just plain most awesome happy birthday tweet. Be sure to include @theiphoneblog (our Twitter name) and this URL: (where we're having the Birthday Bash).

  • Must have access to US App Store to redeem promo codes
  • Must include @theiphoneblog and in happy birthday tweet
  • contest ends Sunday, May 10, at 12pm (but get to it quick, as Twitter's gonna have some down time today!)

Oh, and you'll need that tweet posted for the next big give away we're doing in a few hours. Yes this is part 1 of a 2 part contest! We have some gear to give away as part of this next, so what are you waiting for? Tweet us good!

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