Slacker's music catalog has reached well over 2 million tracks. If you've been living with your ears in the offline sand, here's the skinny:

Slacker is an Internet radio service allowing users to create their own customized music stations starting with either Slacker's preset stations or their own custom built stations. Slacker offers many traditional genre, specialty and artist stations pre-made by professional DJs like "Today's Hits", "80's, 90's and Today", "Country", etc. while also letting users build entire stations of specific artists just by typing in their name. Users can continue to evolve any of these stations by rating favorite songs and banning artists or songs. Stations can also be fine tuned to play older or newer music, more hits or more eclectic music all through the intuitive interface at

To celebrate their achievement, and TiPb's Birthday Bash, we're teaming up together to not only offer 1 FREE YEAR of Slacker Plus service, but a brand new pair of iharmonix Platinum i-Series Stereo Earphones to listen with -- courtesy of the TiPb iPhone Store.

How do you win this one-two-combo punch of prize-ness? Remember our Birdhouse Twitter Notebook give-away from earlier today? This is part two of the same contest. If you entered that, you entered this! If not, what are you waiting for?!

5 chances to win a great app, 1 chance to win a great Slacker Plus radio service AND great set of earphones for FREE! Get to 'em!

  • Must have a Slacker Radio account. They're free, so if you don't, go get one.
  • Must be able to receive Slacker Radio service, which is US-only.
  • Contest is already started! Finishes same time too! Go read them previous rules!