That's right TiPb 'verse, for the first time ever I'm hitting CES with the rest of the Smartphone Experts crew -- because for the first time ever, Apple's not at Macworld, Macworld isn't in January, and iPhone stuff will be at CES!

If you're going to be there as well, if you're an App Store developer, an accessory maker, a fellow blogger, an Apple engineer with a secret HD iPhone or tablet-esque device to leak, or -- and especially -- a fellow TiPb member, ping me and let me know. I'm looking to fit in as much as is inhumanly possible.

All major iPhone and related stories will of course go up right here, and as you know there are a ton of ways to follow TiPb's feed.

I'll also be tweeting everything meta from @reneritchie, including whatever behind the scenes shenanigans and competitive insights I can sneak out. (tag-line, nothing will stay in Vegas!)

Also keep an eye out for our editor-in-chief Dieter Bohn (@backlon), Kevin Michaluk (@crackberrykevin), Matt Miller (@palmsolo), Phil Nickinson (@philnickinson) as they cover everything else for CrackBerry.com, PreCentral.net, NokiaExperts.com, AndroidCentral.com, and WMExperts.com, as well as our Round Robin co-hort, Mickey Papillon (@tcpj_mickey) who might just get us back on the mic again.

See ya there, or we'll bring it to ya here!