SinSearch for iPhone

SinSearch [$1.99 (sale is over!) - iTunes link] is a very bad iPhone app. Not bad as in badly done by any means -- bad as in it helps you find things that are bad for your health, bad for your wallet, and/or bad for any chance at a career in public office should they be discovered. (Which means, of course, it should be wildly popular):

SinSearch uses your GEOlocation (GPS) to pinpoint bars, clubs, taxis, spirits, wine bars and many more locations nearest your current location. Scroll through a list of results and click to find locations organized by distance away from you. Address, phone number, map and directions are all provided within the app. Perfect for those of you looking to have a memorable night of fun in a new town or in your very own backyard! It will not only help you find fun but help you get out of trouble with searches for lawyers, churches, hospitals and more!

Nice little shot of redemption there at the end! If you give it a try, let us know what you think!

Note: the launch day give-away (free) has ended and the app is now $1.99.

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