As most of our TiPb Forums regulars probably noticed, we've been moving things around on a fairly massive scale lately. Basically, we're going from a nice home in the burbs to a big party house in the hills. That's because you deserve more -- more space to play and more features to play with.

We've done some work on the blogs already and started a new Mobile Nations podcast, so it was about time we gave the forums some love.

First of all we're bringing things more in line with the other Smartphone Experts communities. Many of you use multiple platforms and several devices now and as you move through our network we want you to feel at home no matter which site you're on. That means you'll see the same types of device forums on TiPb now that you've always enjoyed on Android Central,,, etc.

It also means, like any move to bigger digs, some of the rooms will be a little empty for a while. We can only stretch the furniture so far! We'd love you to help us with the decor, though, so jump in, start some threads, and get posting. There will be some great contests coming up, and it just might be a good idea to keep busy now... hint. hint.

New features are also coming, along with a fresh coat of paint. Again, we've got a lot of great new stuff in the pipeline and we can't wait to show it to you.

Huge thanks to the SPE team, Kevin, Tom, Marcus, Steph, and Cory, and to Jeremy and the TiPb Forum mods for all the help, front and back of house. Jeremy is going to introduce some of the new forums, features, and topics to you in the coming weeks, but for now, head on over to the all new, all awesome TiPb Forums and let us know what you think.