Rene takes a look at the SCOTTEVEST Quantum Jacket, Fleece 5.0 Jacket, and Ultimate Hoodie, and talks to Scott about SeV's plans for the iPad!

As I explain in the video, this isn't stuff I was sent to review, it's stuff I bought to use. Based on a combination of the harsh Canadian winters, my proclivity for carrying a lot of gadgets around with me, and the traveling I've been doing to CES, Macworld, and now GDC next week, I went all in and have had good results.

The Quantum Jacket's weather resistant outer shell combined with the warmth of the Fleece 5.0 kept me going on those days when it's so cold your skin hurts on contact with the air. The dedicated, capacitive-touch friendly pockets for iPhone and iPod touch were great (though I need to make or get some capacitive gloves to really get the most out of them).

When traveling (especially this year with all the crazy security) being able to store an iPhone, iPod touch, cameras all the cables and headsets, not one but two mophie juice packs [iMore Store link], my passport, papers, pens, and everything else -- and just take it off and lay it in a security tray and then walk through the scanner is priceless. (Getting an inch around the "one carry-on rule" this year -- beyond priceless).

I also had the chance to send Scott some questions about their iPad compatibility, so check out the video below and let me know what you think!