The great folks at Redwind Software have been gracious enough to provide TiPb readers with a fun Oscar day give-away. Know your trivia? Prove it right here and you'll win promo codes (US only, sorry!) for BOTH their Movie Challenge AND their Movie Challenge: Oscars® Special.

UPDATED: We've opened it up with a new way to win, check it our here!

That's right, 1 give-away, 2 games, 10 winners. And all you have to do to win is... answer some trivia questions!

We'll post 1 set of questions at a time (10 sets total), and the first forum member to answer the set will win 1 copy of BOTH games. Then we'll post the next question, until we've posted all 10, all 10 have been answered, and we have our 10 winners.

Ready for the first set of questions?

1a: What actor was cast as Marty McFly in "Back To The Future", and even filmed for a few weeks, before ultimately being replaced by Michael J. Fox?

1b: For which movie did Steven Spielberg win his first Best Director Oscar®?

Know the answers? Head on over to our forums and win your promo codes now!

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