In light of AT&T's continuing challenge to support the iPhone and provide adequate coverage and service to iPhone users, TiPb asked our readers whether they thought Verizon could better handle the iPhone. Rumored to have been Apple's first choice, Verizon's advertising focuses specifically on the reliability and reach of their network. Could things have been different if Apple went with them instead?

The results of TiPb's poll to date are:

  • 34% (901 votes) thought Verizon's network would be crushed by the iPhone, same as AT&T has been.
  • 22% (604 votes) thought Verizon could handle the iPhone better than AT&T, but not without problems of their own.
  • 22% (588 votes) thought Verizon could indeed handle the iPhone reliably.
  • 17% (451 votes) thought no single network, Verizon or AT&T could handle iPhone level traffic alone, and that it needed to be spread out over several networks.
  • 5% (142 votes) thought that it didn't matter, since they were outside the US and their carriers handled the iPhone with no problem.

Taken together, fully 73% ( feel Verizon would strain under the weight of iPhone usage as well

These results seem to match the consensus that iPhone users use more features and consumer more data than any other handset user, putting a significantly higher demand on cellular networks. In large cities or at large events, this demand can result in the network failing to provide service. Only building more network capacity faster, or splitting up iPhone usage over several networks, are likely to solve this problem.