I'm at the Apple Flagship Store, waiting in line for the latest, greatest iPhone 3G S. 10 or so people right now, but apparently some tour buses are on the way. We'll update this thread with more from TiPb and our readers, so if you're in line, head over to the TiPb iPhone Forums and post your pics, stories, and videos. Dieter will move some of the funnest over here.

Good luck to all!

[pic thanks to @Forian}

[The updates continue after the break!]

Our good pal Matthew Miller of Nokia Experts fame lined up in Seattle at 2:30am local.

Meanwhile, many folks in Europe already have the 3G S in hand, per pguich in our iPhone Forums:

Switzerland started selling iphones about an hour ago. I was there 5 minutes before opening, and there were about 3 people waiting (I think 2 weren't even there for the iphone). Doesn't look like the mad rush from last year is going to happen.

Chad Garrett boldly waited until 6:00 am to line up at Kenwood Towne Center in Cincinnati, OH and it doesn't look like he'll miss out on his iPhone 3G S because of his tardiness.

Forum member nyknicks4412 is genuinely excited about his iPhone 3G S video taken in the parking lot above.


Leanne Lofte isn't so sure that she needed to show up at 5:30am in Monterey, CA, what with only nine people in line.


Matthew Miller sends word that rain has finally come to Seattle... just in time to fall on iPhone Line S