Georgia and Rene go all Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder with iHelicopter, the iPhone-controlled remote helicopters. We're talking terrifying takeoffs, ludicrous landings, and crazy crashes. This is TiPb TV.

Courtesy: iHelicopters

iHelicopters sent us two helicopters to test out so we immediately thought -- dogfight! The helicopters themselves are really cool looking, sleek but with enough exposed electronics to add that ferocious techno feel. They charge over microUSB and once you charge them up and install the free iPhone app, i-helicopter, you're ready for some fun.

iHelicopters also have LED, so you can light them up and take them out at night. Super sweet. Now the battery doesn't last super long, but we were pleasantly surprised we managed to film for a couple of hours of admittedly intermittent use without recharging. If you're constantly flying, don't count on anywhere near that long, but if you bring your charger with you, you can top up and go again.

You can choose between a touchscreen joystick or accelerometer and gyroscope-based controls. I'm not even going to lie. It will take you a while to get good. It's not like video game physics. Once these babies get going, they have momentum... even when they're crashing into the ground.

Now crashing can break things, but the iHelicopters themselves were really resilient. The blades did break once but iHelicopters provides a bag with several replacements for each, which is really appreciated.

Just after we filmed this episode iHelicopter announced a new version -- with missiles. Needless to say, they're on their way to TiPb HQ and Rene's in a for a surprise...

TiPb TV 22: iHelicopters dogfight