To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak, that is the question. Or more importantly, who should consider Jailbreaking and who would be better off with an Apple-pure iPhone. Most of our TiPb regulars have already know where they stand but for new users it can be a big decision. That's the topic for the fifth episode of our new, conversational video show, TiPb TV!

Rene and I go over the benefits and drawbacks of Jailbreak, the ability to customize, run Cydia apps and tweaks, and use your iPhone the way you want vs. the stability, protection, and simplicity Apple provides.

Maybe you want an iPhone that "just works" and you never have to spend any time on, or maybe you want to spend your time tweaking every last little pixel and setting. Either way, if you're considering Jailbreaking but just aren't sure check out the latest episode of TiPb TV and we'll help you decide!

TiPb TV 05: To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak