Looking for a cool retro-arcade action title from what is shaping up to be a leading game developer/publisher on the iPhone? Than look no further than Dropship ($1.99) [iTunes Link] from ngmoco:)


You control a "dropship". You save humans. You pick up cargo and delivery it safely. You do this in a time limit. 

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You use very innovative controls for this game. The left side of the screen controls your ship and the right side controls the firing arc. Both the ship and the weapon can fire in a 360 degree motion. Think of the controls as being very similar to Robotron: 2084. If you have played this game, you have an idea how this controls. You can pause the game and return to the menu by tapping the score area located in the top center of the screen.


You manueover your dropship to collect humans. They appear and yellow have names pulled from your address book. Ensign Bohn, Admiral Ritchie, etc., populate those who you must save! You also must pick up a green package on each level. The challenge is this; you destory the onslaught of turrets, tanks an missiles while you pick up humans, but once you touch the package, you have a timer and all of the enemies on the level reappear! To be fair, once you destroy an enemy it leaves blue dots. These dots not only replenish your energy, but they also add to your score. 

There are a couple types of gameplay; campaign and free-play. Campaign mode unlocks a new level after time you complete one, and free-play I think of more as a challenge mode. You go from level to level, but when you die, you start over. 

One other cool feature; downloadable levels! That's right! There are three now (two of them are holiday themed) and more are coming.

I really enjoy this game! It is old school with fun controls and is excellent for some pick up and play action or for an hour or two.






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