Yes, you can Jailbreak the white iPhone 4

Here is a tip for Jailbreakers on how to hide apps -- like Apple's built in and impossible to delete weather and stocks -- easily with the Poof tweak that comes built into your SBSettings. SBSettings is a free tweak from the Cydia app store that will do just that. Hit the jump to find out how to get it on your device.


  1. Launch Cydia from your [jailbroken device](/2011/05/06/jailbreak-ios-433-redsn0w-096rc15-untethered/).
  2. In Cydia, search "SBSettings"
  3. Download the tweak from Cydia.

How to use

  1. Launch the tweak from your device by sliding your finger across the top status bar.
  2. Select the More button.
  3. Select the Hide Icons button.
  4. Select which icons you would like to hide.
  5. Respring your device.

**Bonus Tip: If you're not Jailbroken, you can't delete built in app but you can hide them in folders and consign them to distant home screen.

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