Tired of iPhone hype and backlash

Usually I get the one word editorials around here, but this time it's my podcast co-host, Seth Clifford who's grown tired of miss-set expectations, of media hype and backlash, and for the reality distortion field that no longer comes from Apple, but is directed at Apple.

On the heels of what many are describing as the cataclysmically disappointing iPhone 4S announcement yesterday, the internet is rife with tales of Apple's inevitable post-Steve descent into oblivion. Why, the mere suggestion that Tim Cook has bungled his first big show is enough to send bloggers the web over into paroxysms of glee, breathlessly recounting every misstep, every missed opportunity, and every underwhelming demonstration onstage at that emotionally vacant press event.

But today, after the smoke's cleared, I'm just tired. I'm tired of the outlandish expectations the media creates. I'm tired of contrarian backlash, built on incorrect assumptions about how an extremely successful company needs to operate to continue on the path to further success. There simply isn't any way to even view Apple announcements through any lens of reality anymore, and it's tiring.

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Source: Seth Clifford