TiVO announces iOS-friendly set-top box

TiVO recently announced a new TV-side device that can stream shows right to your iPhone and iPad. The aptly-named TiVO Stream will be able to download or stream programs to your iOS device without messing around with what's currently playing on your TV. The TiVO Stream will still require the Premiere or Premiere Q DVR box, but that's to be expected. Of course, streaming is limited to devices that are on the same local Wi-Fi network, but that's to be expected for high-def shows; at least you'll be able to download them right to the device provdided you have the room.. The unit is being built with cable operators in mind, so you can expect them to be selling it sometime over the next couple of months.

It's been awhile since we've so much as heard TiVO and Apple mentioned in the same sentence, but until the oft-fabled iTV materializes, there's going to be a home for these kinds of smartphone-savvy accessories. Even with the small upgrade recently, Apple TV still isn't a hugely popular product, even among Apple fans. Small projects, like playGo, are extending beyond mere AirPlay support and enabling DLNA connectivity as well.

I ditched cable a long time ago, but it's easy to appreciate being able to watch your own shows around the house without having to wrestle for the remote with other family members. Being able to load up shows locally onto your iPad to watch on while on long trips. How many of you are still big TV-watchers? Anyone still using a TiVO?

Source: TiVO