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I am not one to complain but... I will admit there are some things that I would like Apple to add and change with the iPhone. Then again, there is not a single device out there that is perfect. That just does not exist. None the less, you have to give Apple credit for giving us frequent firmware updates to improve the phone. (Ask a Palm OS user how often they would receive major updates...) So what exactly are you looking for Apple to add to the iPhone in the next firmware release?

Is your iPhone getting old and boring? Or are you so in love with your phone that there is nothing that would separate you? What would it take for you to leave the iPhone and move onto something else?

How has your reception been lately with your iPhone 3G? Who really is to blame for the reception issues that you may be experiencing right now? Well head on over and let us know if you think it's Apple or AT&T!

Next up, we have a thread from forum member Dizzy, he's having a little problem with his iPhone 3G USB cable tearing. Anyone else have a cable that is tearing? None of us here at TiPb have had that happen. Hopefully it stays that way!

Last but not least, here is a thread that revolves around the iPhone and gaming. The most wanted killer iPhone game is...? You decide on this one. What would a sure fire hit for Apple and the iPhone? Let us know!

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