Lately the forums have picked up quite a bit of traffic so we have been getting more and more good conversations. Today on the forums is no exception.

First up we have forum regular cjvitek. More than likely if you are reading this you have your own iPhone, well what is your choice of computer? Mac? Windows? Chime in and vote in the poll!

This next thread is something right out of the National Enquirer, It involves a man, woman, and their marriage. Some people are really not the sharpest tools in the shed. Check it out, Man Cheating Via iPhone Gets Caught... yes you heard me correctly...

Next up is thread started by iPhone Nanite, lasvegasoutlaw, and he seems to be having Yahoo "Push" issues on his iPhone. Honestly, it has had issues since day one but how is Yahoo holding up for you? Let the "outlaw" know how your luck has been in the following thread - What is up with Yahoo Push?

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See you on the forums!