The forums have been on fire lately due to Apple dropping the 2.2 firmware recently. So with that in mind we are going to start off with a thread asking is the 2.2 Firmware a Success?. Personally I could not be happier with the stability that the latest firmware has brought!

Happycamping is in something of a dilemma, iPhone or Blackberry? Help her out won't you? She currently has a HTC Fuze and sadly that is going back to the store. (Sorry Dieter!)

The final two threads I want to put the spotlight on come from our very own TiPb editor, Rene! He recently started two small contests in our forums - Caption: Steve Explains Why No Copy/Paste and Name That BlackBerry Storm Hand-Pain Condition! Got what it takes to win? Give it a shot!

To join in on the action be sure to register, it will only take a few moments of you time, we promise!

See you on the forums!