Well the forums are still hopping, Round Robin is still going strong, and we have some good threads for you all to check out!

Crackberry Kevin just finished his week with a iPhone 3G and what do you think he had to say about it? Check out Kevin's review and be sure to share your thoughts about it with us. I tried my best to get through to him, but that is definitely not an easy task. After all, Kevin is the #1 Crackberry addict...

Next up one of our sister sites needs your help. Jennifer of Treocentral is spending the week away from her Treo/Centro and is now using an iPhone 3G. Be sure to drop in her thread and lend her a hand. That thread can be found here: Round Robin: Help Treocentral Jennifer with iPhone 3G.

With all the jailbreak and unlock talk going on lately the iPhone Jailbreak Central is being flooded with all sorts of questions. Jump in there to see if you can help any of our members and if you have a question be sure to post it so someone can help you out!

Last but not least, TiPb would like to remind you all to be sure to check out the 2008 TiPb Award Nominations! Check out these threads after the break!