Today on the forums we have a few threads that are not to be missed.

First up we have the Slacker Radio Plus give away thread! 10 lucky members of our forum have a chance to win a month free of their premium service. For more details head into that thread now!

Next up are the Official TiPb Reader's Choice threads! All 10 of them! Rene has worked very hard putting this together for all of the TiPb faithful so please be sure to participate. This is your chance to make your voice heard, so don't let another minute pass without voting! For more information take a look here.

This one is a older a thread that was brought back to life, and it is a good one. How do you spend most of your time on iPhone? Do you use it mostly for the phone? Email? SMS? How about Internet? Let us know!

Last but not least we have a Twitter thread. Twitter has exploded and is very popular as of late. Are you addicted to it like all of us here at TiPb? You can follow TiPb on Twitter for all our latest updates, and feel free to add all of your favorite TiPb personalities! Here are some links to us: Myself, Rene, Chad, Brian, Casey and last but not least -- Dieter.

To get in on all of this action be sure to register for the forums, it's simple and free.

See you on the forums!