Today on the forums be sure to help burgman make a decision, 8GB iPhone or 16GB iPhone? My take on that is the more the merrier. With my first iPhone I made the mistake of going with the 8GB only to find out that I wanted more! Chime in on that thread and help a fellow member out!

Next up is ExBBuser, and he wants to know is the iPhone your only mobile device? Lately I've been trying numerous devices to go along with the iPhone. You name it - Treo Pro [Sorry Dieter!], Blackberry Bold [Sorry Kevin! Does not hold a candle to Apple's gem!], etc... Each and every time I seem to find my home back at my iPhone 3G. What are your thoughts?

Johnny Football Hero started a thread asking if the Blackberry Storm is an iPhone Killer? If you are like me you are probably sick of hearing about all of these so called "iPhone Killers". My quick answer? No chance... Wanna discuss it further head over to the thread and we will chat.

So there you have it folks, join our growing community to get in on the action!

See you on the forums!