We have a few good topics being discussed on the forums today, so lets get right to it.

First up, What is the most over-rated missing iPhone feature? MMS? Copy and Paste perhaps? Something else? Check that thread out and cast your vote!

Back in December we told you that AT&T started selling refurbished iPhones. Well that brings us to our next thread, started by Madscotsman. He is wondering about the quality of the refurbished iPhones that AT&T is currently selling. If you have bought one, how is it holding up? Is everything grand or have you had issues?

This next thread was started by xintelinsanex, it's all about the new iPhone. What do you expect from Apple? Better camera, more storage, how about a higher resolution screen? Describe what your ideal next generation iPhone should be!

New to iPhone and need some protection to make sure it stays in perfect condition? Well you are going to need a case and what a better thread to see what other forum members are using than the iPhone 3G Case Options thread. If you bought a case that you loved or hated... be sure to give your opinion!

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