Today on the forums we have a couple of "Official" TiPB threads. So these are some you do not want to miss!

First up , don't forget to jump in on the action for your chance to win some free stuff! Everyone enjoys receiving free stuff right!? Check out the iPhone Live! #2 Contest Entry Thread. And for even more details regarding this new contest, please head on over to the Ultimate iPhone Accessory Give Away for all of the contest information.

Next up we have Casey's very own thread, Round Robin: Casey Needs iPhone Help, Tips, Tricks, and Advice! What exactly does Casey need you help with you ask? How about your favorite thing about the iPhone 3G? Or how about your most used 3rd party app? So what are you waiting for? Please help out one of your beloved TiPB bloggers, and since this is an official ROUND ROBIN thread, posting will get you a chance to win a smartphone!

A few days back we mentioned that it's possible we may see Apple's latest firmware, 2.2, within the next week or so! So with that said, what do you think of the announced features? Disappointed? Not so disappointed? Whatever the case, make your voice heard!

Now before you can get in on the action, you have to join our growing community! It's free and simple, so don't waste another minute and add something to the conversation!

See you on the forums!