Today on the forums I wanted to point out our new setup. We have cleaned up the forums a bit and have made it even more friendly for everyone. Don't trust me? Take a look for yourself! If you feel so inclined and want to see something added or removed, start your own thread and tell us!

A lot has been said about the iPhone and tethering, heck even Dieter just jailbroke his iPhone to try out a tethering app called PdaNet. Mugunth wants to know why AT&T won't allow tethering and VOIP on the iPhone, chime in on the conversation right here.

Are you fed up so much with your iPhone or AT&T that you are considering getting rid of it and going back to your old phone? Well NMprofessional is seriously considering doing just that and for a few interesting reasons... Say it ain't so, NMprofessional! Head on into the forums and try to change his mind!

Rene let slip that we're going to have a great new contest coming to the TiPB iPhone Forums soon, so along with our fresh new look, it's time to get some fresh faces in there as well! Signing up is simple, I'll even get you started, head on over and I'll see you on the forums!