Today on the forums we have a few good topics we would encourage you to check out.

First up, is Apple giving us the run around regarding 3G signal strength in firmware 2.1?

Next up we have yet another thread that revolves around which future gadget or device can compete well with the iPhone 3G? We are seeing more and more devices emerge out of the woodwork every day. The latest one being the HTC Touch HD. That looks to be a impressive device to say the least. Competition is a good thing. Remember that.

Then we have a thread started by forum member cjvitek who wants to know how you surf the internet on your iPhone?

Lastly I would like to remind everyone about our Lightning Reviews, keep reviewing all the apps that are released on the App Store for your chance to win a coupon for the iMore Store! Check them out and post your own!.

So join us in our growing community!

See you on the forums!