Today on the forums we have a couple of newly started threads that you should enjoy. There has been a lot of talk about jailbreaking lately with the new QuickPwn's released for both Mac and Windows. Have you given jailbreaking a try? Let us know in this thread.

Most everyone who has a iPhone has it protected in some way, shape or form... Rene wants to know, "To Case or Not to Case?". What's your style?

I really like having the auto correction feature on the iPhone. If it tries changing a word you just tap the "x" on that word and it goes away. Tap it 3 times and it will never predict that word again. Simple right? Well someone has started an online petition for Apple to disable auto-correction. Yes, you heard right... check it out.

Last we have a thread that revolves around the 2.1 firmware. The dust has now settled and I know what some of my favorite features are, how about you? Let us know!

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