Our iPhone Forums have been busy as of late, so lets get things going...

Jailbreaking has been a very popular topic lately here on TiPb. So, it's fitting that everyone interested in that topic check out the thread and click on the link. There are a few pieces of software out there today that allow you to Jailbreak. Personally and for most of the TiPb Team QuickPwn is the popular choice, and we tend to avoid "others" out there. This must-read link for iPhone jailbreakers will tell you why.

Forum member HymerSchmid, started an interesting thread a while ago wondering about a attachable keyboard for the iPhone? Or an iPhone with a physical keyboard? I don't see it happening, but look at RIM and their new Blackberry Storm. (Thought they were all about the physical keyboards...)

Next up we have a fresh thread just started the other day. All iPhone owners are always craving a new updated firmware fix, so... when do you think the next firmware, 2.2, will actually be released? Next month? December - just in time for the holidays? In the new year? Will be interesting to see just how this all pans out won't it? Make your voice heard and get in on the vote!

Ever need to copy music from your iPhone to your computer? I personally have not had that need but some of you may, so Wegmans brought it up in his own thread. Check that one out and get some answers!

Curious about a certain iPhone application? Have no idea if it is any good or not? Well if you really want to hear a quality review let cjvitek or msbaylor, our new TiPb iPhone Forum Reviewers, know about it right in the review request thread! If you app is reviewed you can be sure to check it out right here in the iPhone Apps forum!

Like I said, it has been busy in the forums... if you want in on the action, be sure to register here! You can do so here and it will only take a quick minute.

See you on the forums!