Todoist for iPhone and iPad updated with an all new look and feel for iOS 7

Task app Todoist has just updated both their iPhone and iPad clients with an all new interface and design to better fit in with the look and feel of iOS 7. The update also brings background syncing support so your todo list can stay in sync even when you're not using it.

I took a look at Todoist a while back and came away most impressed with the amount of platforms it supports. If you're a platform jumper, Todoist could possibly be a good option.

The update to Todoist essentially brings a new design and background sync. Free users of Todoist will get 6 background syncs a day while Premium users get live sync throughout the day. Premium memberships for Todoist are just shy of $30 a year and can be obtained through an in-app purchase. Aside from live sync, you also get the ability to search and manage your tasks better within the app as well as the addition of other features such as adding notes to tasks.

You can inbox tasks and sort them into categories just as you can with many other task apps. The unfortunate downside to Todoist is that there are currently a lot of other task apps such as Wunderlist that offer a lot of Todoist's premium features for free. Unless you really need a ridiculous amount of cross platform support, there are other options out there that won't cost you $30 a year.

If you happen to use Todoist, let us know in the comments what made you choose it over other similar offerings.

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