TodoMovies 3 helps you keep track of your most anticipated movies

TodoMovies 3 is a new way to find out about interesting and popular movies. You can seen easily find new movies, read news, and add films to your To Watch or Watched lists. You can easily browse movies by genre, or see what's currently in theaters or upcoming releases.

Navigate through TodoMovies with its four-section menu system. Discover lets you find new and upcoming movies, and add them to either the To Watch or Watched lists. When viewing a film's information, tap the '+' button at the bottom of the screen to add it to your To Watch list, and set a date and time for a reminder notification if you enabled push notifications. To remove a movie from the list, simply slide it to the left and release. The News section keeps you up to date with three sections: general entertainment news, movie news, and celebrity news.

Other features include iTunes Store integration, which will let you buy items related to a film, like soundtracks, games, and books. There is also a backup feature which lets you send yourself a backup of your library through Messages, email, or AirDrop.

You can download TodoMovies 3 for iPhone for free from the App Store now.

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