Tony Fadell-backed Kiss tech brings intimacy to smartphones with fast transfers

The godfather of the iPod and creator of the Nest Learning Thermostat wants to get intimate with your phone through a new technology called Kiss. Tony Fadell has backed a startup called Keyssa, a company that is working on a a racy new wireless transfer protocol called Kiss, allowing two phones to touch together to pair and share content. Keyssa's technology would allow users to transfer an HD movie between two devices in just seconds thanks to wireless transfer speeds of 6 Gbps.

The concept behind Kiss is similar to the tap-to-share feature on Android handsets, which utilizes Bluetooth and NFC, or Samsung's competing S Beam technology that utilizes NFC and WiFi, but isn't limited by bandwidth. According to a report on GigaOm, Kiss works in the following way:

Kiss uses the 60 GHz band, the same spectrum used by WiGig and Wireless HD, which also promise multi-gigabit connections. But those standards are intended to be local area networking technologies that maintain constant high-capacity connections between devices in the same room. Kiss is a point-to-point to technology, designed to link two devices spaced just a few millimeters apart for just an instance so they can transfer their payloads and disconnect.

By eliminating cords, ports, and wires, Keyssa is playing up the simplicity of Kiss and because the devices are in close proximity, there is also a secure element to the transfers. With such intimacy in sharing, let's just hope your phones are free from any contagious, spreadable viruses and be careful of which phones or devices you decide on letting your smartphone Kiss.

Including Fadell, the company has raised a total of $47 million through backers such as Apple partner Intel and rival Samsung.

Source: Keyssa; GigaOm