A new iOS game by Tony Hawk is coming called Shred Session which promises to combine familiar lane-based endless running with gesture-based skateboard tricks.

The survival mode demands that you string together tricks for as long as possible, while the standard shred session offers a handful of objectives to complete. One of the shred sessions modes is for skate-offs where you need to mimic the tricks made by another character. There are also timed, trick, and vertical challenge modes to try out. Like most free-to-play titles, you earn coins in-game for completed sessions which can be spent on unlocking new in-game items. There's also a premium currency employed here for the nicer items. There will be six skaters to chose from out of the gate, including Lizzie Armanto, Chris Cole, Aaron Homoki, Tony Hawk, and his son Riley Hawk. As for stages, there are a five to start with, including a warehouse and the streets of Santa Monica.

Tony Hawk's Shred Session will be free-to-play, and soft launching within the next few weeks with a full roll-out due over the summer. Any fans of the original Tony Hawk games? How is the mobile iteration looking to you?

via: TouchArcade