Apple's most popular video of the year, based on YouTube views, was also their most recent: Misunderstood (above). That's remarkable given the run they had this year, which included the WWDC, iPhone event, and iPad/Mac event keynotes, product introduction videos, the iOS 7 video, and other excellent ads like Every Day Photos. For iMore, our most popular videos, outside early app previews, were once again heavy on device comparisons and feature previews, but not without a little event thrown into the mix.

5. iOS 7 gesture navigations: Everything you need to know!

Rene Ritchie takes a look at the new gesture navigation in iOS 7 for iPhone

4. iPhone 5s event LIVE!

Rene Ritchie and Peter Cohen offer color, commentary, and analysis of Apple's September iPhone event.

3. iOS 7 multitasking: Everything you need to know!

Rene Ritchie shows off the new multitasking interface for iOS 7 on the iPhone.

2. iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Q10: Which should you buy?

Kevin Michaluk and Rene Ritchie put the BlackBerry Q10 up against the iPhone 5.

1. iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: Which should you buy?

Alex Dobie and Rene Ritchie put the Samsung Galaxy S4 head to head against the iPhone 5.

Bring on 2014!

We'll be kicking off our 2014 videos with a bang, starting next week with #CESlive, so let us know - what videos do you want to see next year?