Call it a bug, a loophole, or an un-mentioned feature, but Touch ID on the new iPhone 5s will accept more than five fingerprints. How, you ask, when there are only five slots? The video above demonstrates the method, and we've verified that it does indeed work. Scanning five fingers instead of one will register all those fingerprints into just one slot.

If you bought your new iPhone 5s and thought to yourself "man, I wish I could register all my fingers and toes, just to be safe" then it seems like you're in luck. And there's no 'hacking' going on either, since you still have to register the prints to begin with. And I'm not sure I'll ever unlock my phone with my pinky finger, but it's there, for now, should you need it.

Since Apple specifically advertised the feature as working with five prints, it could disappear in a future update. But for now, check out the video above, and let us know if you're putting this to work on your own iPhone 5s.

Source: Note Suwanchote (YouTube)