TouchPad Go gets reviewed; or the 7-inch war that never was

Full review of HP's never announced, never released, 7-inch TouchPad Go, the webOS-powered iPad competitor that could have been

Derek Kessler of our newly renamed sibling site, webOS Nation, has got his snarky, geeky hands on the krayt dragon of the gadget world, and done up a complete and proper TouchPad Go review.

For those joining our webOS tragedy already in progress, while HP allowed the 9.7-inch TouchPad to stay on the market for dozens of days before canceling it, they didn't even allow the 7-inch TouchPad Go to enter the market. Could it have done better than RIM's 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook? Could it have made Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble's 7-inch Nook Tablet seem inelegant by contrast?

Sadly, because of HP's stupefying lack of testicular fortitude and mobile tenacity, we'll never know. But, bittersweetly, Derek can offer us a glimpse:

The TouchPad Go is not a bad tablet. But it's also not a great tablet. Like the standard TouchPad, it's a good tablet. Better than okay, but also not mind-blowingly awesome. By virtue of its size it changes how you use it, but not in any fundamental manner. It sought to fill a void in the webOS tablet market, seeking the customer that wants something smaller than the ten-inch tablet but doesn't want to compromise in the process. While any tablet comes with compromises, the TouchPad Go's compromises (at least over the original TouchPad) are only directly related to its size.

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