When it comes to the next generation iPhone, is thinner always better, or would you trade a couple of extra millimeters for longer battery life? Rumors went around last week about Apple potentially changing screen technology to something that would let them make the iPhone 5 thinner than the current iPhone 4S. There was also some talk about Android maker HTC running internal polls about thinner phones vs. longer battery life. Apple, however, made the new iPad slightly thicker last time, in part to make sure they could add a Retina display and LTE radio and still off the same battery life.

If the iPhone casing gets even slightly bigger, then the battery can spread out more and maybe the next generation iPhone can be thinner and get the same or better battery life. If the iPhone 5 keeps the same overall casing size, however, something might have to give.

If you had the choice between a thinner new iPhone with shorter battery life, a same depth iPhone with the same battery life, and a slightly thicker new iPhone with longer battery life, which would you choose?

Vote in the poll up top and give me your reasons why in the comments below!

Would you trade iPhone thinness for longer battery life? [Poll]