Train your brain with Next - Numbers for iPhone and iPad

Next - Numbers is a new app meant to help train your brain, attempting to improve areas like reaction, concentration, and memory. The goal is to find all of the numbers on the screen. There are two modes in the app, Blitz and Zen. Blitz gives you a set amount of time to find all of the numbers, while Zen lets you find all of the numbers on the screen in your own time. Both modes let you utilize hints if you're having trouble.

On the iPhone, there are two levels of difficulty, Easy and Medium. The iPad version adds Hard and Expert into the mix. Each difficulty adds more numbers to find. You track your progress through each difficulty individually. By pressing on the small arrow at the bottom of the screen, you can access leaderboards, statistics, and progress. Statistics charts your performance in individual matches, while progress shows how much you've improved overall.

You can download Next - Numbers, a universal app, from the App Store for $1.99.

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