Transistor brings its giant, talking sword to the iPhone and iPad

Transistor, the latest game from the creators of Bastion, has arrived on the iPhone and iPad. An action-RPG, Transistor takes place in Cloudbank, a city on the verge of destruction.

You take on the role of Red, a famous singer in the city who has lost her voice following an attack. With the help of the Transistor, a massive, seemingly-conscious sword, you fight against and uncover the mystery of the Process, a robotic army bent on wiping out the city.

Your battle against the Process will unlock several unique abilities that let you shoot energy beams, throw bombs, and even teleport outside of the range of your enemies. You can mix and match these abilities to find the best configuration for your situation. Transistor uses a combination of real-time and pause-and-play combat, letting you plan out how you'll position yourself and use your abilities.

Transistor for iPhone and iPad is built for touch, with a new interface built specifically for touchscreens. If you'd like, you can connect a gamepad to your device and switch on Classic Control mode.

Transistor is a Universal app for iPhone and iPad, and syncs your save data with iCloud. You can grab it from the App Store right now.

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