The Transit App goes free, adds real-time vehicle location, and more!

I'm late with this. Not late in that I missed my train and bus, because the Transit App has ensured I haven't missed a single trip in almost a year. But late in covering that The Transit App updated to version 2.0 earlier this week and I'm just now telling you about it. Sorry for that. Here it is!

When Apple announced iOS 6 Maps it was without the transit routing directions that the previous, Google-powered version of Maps provided. That created an amazing opportunity for apps just like The Transit App. And they've been making the most of that opening. They've always been among the best looking apps on the App Store, and they're increasingly one of the most feature-filled.

So what's new in The Transit App 2.0? Real-time vehicle locations, new transit modes settings, autocomplete for recent locations, new sorting order in nearby mode, improved schedule popover, and more.

It's also gone free. No more subscriptions. Just you and everything The Transit App has to offer. From a prepared statement:

"For the past year, Transit has become a vital asset in the commute of thousands of passengers daily." said Sam Vermette, Co-Founder and CEO of The Transit App. "By making the app free, we aim to scale the platform to international markets and become the de facto application used daily by millions of commuters worldwide."

"The Transit App came to FounderFuel with an amazing mobile experience and impressive early traction." said Ian Jeffrey, General Manager of FounderFuel. "Sam and his team have a solid combination of design and engineering talent, and we're excited to help them in their quest to change the way people commute around the globe."

If you takes planes, trains, or subways, and you live in one of the 37 cities supported, check out The Transit App now.

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