Transmit brings new iOS 8 capabilities to iOS file transfers

Transmit for iOS now brings some new features found on iOS 8 to its file transfer app. Now, you can open and save files directly from your file server, which would allow you to leverage your server as your own cloud storage.

Transmit is a debut app on iOS and is now in version 1.0. It is kind of pricey at $9.99, but delivers a lot of powerful features:

  • Full Remote File Management: Login to your server. Upload. Download. Rename. Edit permissions. Make folders. Do it all.

  • Save & Upload Files from the iOS Share Sheet: You can quickly send an image from your Photos, an audio file from Messages, or any iOS app that uses the standard system "Share" sheet, to your Mac or server.

  • Connect to FTP, SFTP, S3 and WebDAV: Full support for Transmit's entire suite of protocols is now available to iOS users.

  • Twin-Turbo Background Transfer Engine: The full power of Transmit's transfer engine is available, even while Transmit is in the background.

  • The Joy of Drag & Drop: Why do no iOS apps use drag and drop? We wondered that too. Especially satisfying on the iPad — with Local on the left and Remote on the right it's smooth as silk to drag over a file.

  • Edit Documents from Compatible Third-Party Apps: iOS 8-compatible third-party applications that implement the new iCloud document picker will have instant access to Transmit as a file source. Opening and saving files in these apps will relay changes back to Transmit to be uploaded onto your server.

  • Panic Sync: You can sync your saved servers and credentials with Panic Sync, and keep them updated between Transmit for iOS and Coda (requires Coda 2.5). Eventually, we'll add support for Diet Coda and Transmit for Mac.

Is this an app that you will be trying out?

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