Happy Halloween, especially to our younger readers who'll likely all be dressed up as iPhones or mini-Steve Jobs'.

Ready to get your trick or treat on? Several readers (and vendors!) were kind enough to share in their Halloween iPhone suggestions:

  • Courtenay wants us to take a look at BatRest, a Halloween'y iPhone stand.
  • Ken says iHalloween - Sound Collection will make for a creepier time.
  • Damien offers up Halloween Boxto spook up your iphone.
  • Tammy Chan thinks Sonic Vox will make you sound like a nightmare.
  • And Serena drops the whole bag of candy, recommending YPMobile, Flashlight, Weatherbug, Photobucket, and Halloween Sound Machine

Thanks everyone for writing in! Of course, TiPb recommends the Camera App, so you can take lots of pictures of your own creepy, crawlies, iPod App to play Thriller and other music of the night, and, of course Safari so you can Social Network the whole thing on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever platform best suits your All's Hallows Eve...